Our Investment Philosophy

Crescita Capital’s investment philosophy is predicated on matching unique, high-potential, growth-oriented companies with our financial expertise and proprietary network of partners. Our focus is on small to midmarket businesses with defensible niche market positioning. We are open to enterprises in any sector, as long as the business makes sense and has qualities such as proven technology, a strong growth opportunity, a clear competitive advantage, and experienced teams and management. With those as a foundation, we can provide the growth capital and consulting expertise needed to scale.

Our equity drawdown model allows you to have the confidence of the capital you need to reach your objective, without over-diluting yourself in the early stages of growth. After the capital commitment is contracted, you choose when to draw down on it, converting into equity at that time.

Equally important, Crescita provides post-transactional support to further enhance the long-term success of your business. We look at ourselves as partners, well past the financing. We help with strategic direction and tap into our global network for our companies to leverage.

Crescita’s deep talent network, community of entrepreneurs, partners, co-investors, industry experts, with expertise in scaling companies enable us to add significant value to our portfolio companies.

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